ATV Road Legal Canopy Trailer

ATV Galvanised Snacker

ATV 4'x3' Tipper Trailer

ATV 5'x3' Trailer

The ATV Range

ATV Road Legal Canopy Trailer

Dimensions: 7’6” x 4’6”

This is the ideal trailer for the sheep farmer with the added benefit of being road legal so it can be used on the road with your Landrover or such like. It has all the feature of a full size livestock trailer with partitions, a full width drop-down tailgate, inspection door and wing gates.

The sides fold down to give access to animals for the full length of the trailer.

The canopy can be removed if desired, for other jobs around the farm…

ATV Sheep Trailer

Dimensions: 5’x3’x3’

A trailer like this is invaluable to the farmer with an ATV, making light work of carrying ewes and lambs at lambing time with a partition to keep the lamb safe during transportation. It has numerous uses all year round for the busy farmer.

Galvanised Drop Feeder / Snacker

This is a handy tool around the farm and is fully galvanised – ideal for use in the fields. It has wide, spongy wheels suitable for all terrains.

ATV Tipper

Dimensions: 4’x3’x18”

Ideal for removal of manure from the stables and barns. Also great for the removal of items around the farm. Again, this comes with wide, spongy wheels suitable for all terrains.

Please feel free to contact us with your individual requirements…

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