The time has come….

I took a couple of Graham Edwards Livestock trailers in to refurbish, the trailers are in good overall condition, The “superstructure” is well designed and made….

The running gear has essentially come to the end of its life, from the factory the axles have not been galvanised and the passage of time has ravaged them….

As the trailers are in such good condition they are worth spending some money on them, we have replaced the axles, this essentially means all the running gear is new… we upped the spec too…. the axles are made from larger section steel and are galvanised..

So, everything under the trailers is new, brake linkage, cables, the axles, suspension units, brake shoes, brake drums, even the wheel nuts are new!!!!!

So…. if you’re taking a look under your trailer¬†and things are looking a bit “crusty” or even you’re noticing that your trailer is taking some stopping give us a call 07800 996 357, we can take a look and give you some advice, it could be just a good service is all that is required…. or it could be like these and the running gear needs to be replaced…. it does not cost as much as you would think!!!!!¬†so dont put it off!!!!